Journey to motherhood: My first pregnancy and birth

Nathalia Cabrera

"Every woman's journey to motherhood is beautiful and unique. Here's my story of how I became a mother for the first time.

Before I took a pregnancy test, I was doubtful that I am pregnant because I was craving for the foods that I don't like and I hate the foods that I loved. What's even unusual is that in the middle of the night I was suddenly craving for a specific hamburger that can be bought in the city and we were somewhere in the province at that time. I couldn't sleep thinking of the hamburger. Because of that, we went back to the city at 1am and looked for a hamburger but it was all closed so my partner suggested to eat siomai instead. So we just bought it and ate it then we went home.

The next day, 6 o'clock in the morning, I cried looking for a hamburger or lechon baboy, the stores/malls were still closed and I really really wanted to eat it. My partner bought me a chicken sandwich instead and we waited for the store to open and we bought lechon baboy. My husband was just smiling at me while I am eating because I ate the order all by myself. I ate a lot and felt full and wanted to go home because I am very sleepy. Alot of unusual happened or "why am I not feeling like myself" that time.

We took a pregnancy test after a few days because we had a feeling that I am pregnant but it came out negative.

So we waited for a few weeks to try another pregnancy test, we bought two PTs and it was both a positive result. "WE'RE PREGNANT".

At week 6, I began to feel nauseous. I began to gain weight.

I began to feel tired. I kept vomiting. I even cried again because of the watermelon. But after the first trimester, my symptoms subsided.

For the last month of pregnancy, my anticipation grew and and grew and grew. I so desperately wanted to go into labor and meet my amazing little baby boy!

I was scheduled to be admitted on October 28, I was in labor for 3 days and gave birth on November 1.

Those first precious moments are what I dreamed about. For the next two weeks after he was born, I cannot think of a time I felt so happy. And I could not get enough of him! I was simply joyful.

My son has changed me. His birth, his life, was the start of my journey of motherhood. From the moment I first took the test, there was no looking back. I was my baby's mommy.

And that baby was mine. And there is nothing I love more."