Women on Spotlight

Women on Spotlight features extraordinary women who illuminate the world with their talents, resilience, and indomitable spirit. From trailblazing leaders and groundbreaking innovators to unsung heroes making a difference in their communities, we shine a spotlight on their remarkable stories, achievements, and contributions.

Princess Velasco

CEO, Samiko

“Having a business to call my own enables me to manage my time better compared to having a regular full-time job. It can be pretty daunting especially since you are accountable for everything - but the upside is rewarding since I get to contribute to the household income and spend more time with my children.”

Candice Tongco-Cruz

Ceo, Mamablends

"Being a business owner has empowered me to learn something new every day— especially things not taught in school like the practical ways of doing business, business ethics, and dealing with everyday challenges that entrepreneurs face. I hope to inspire other women by showing that we can balance work and family life at the same time, and that having a career does not make you less of a wife and a mother."

Kat Lamson

CEO, Matmatlu

Embarking on the journey as a business owner has been transformative, not just professionally but personally as well. The challenges and victories have pushed me beyond my limits, showing me strength I never knew I possess. It's not just about building a successful business but it's also about building a stronger, more confident version of myself. Let's lift each other up, empower and inspire one another to reach new heights. Remember, behind every successful woman is a tribe of incredible women cheering her on. Let's create a world where all women flourish. Here's to strong women: may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them!

Jen Alegarbez

CEO, Shadrach.Co

Shadrach.co was born out of my desire to honor our weaving heritage and provide employment opportunities to skilled elderly women weavers in our community. Our products, crafted by devoted Nanay weavers, create a bond among mothers: a 'mom for mom' enterprise that fuels my passion to extend the numerous benefits of babywearing to others.

This initiative, focused on supporting mothers, motivates me to spread the benefits of breastfeeding and babywearing, empowering moms to feel strong and independent, which also strengthens my confidence.

Seeing our Babywearing Filipinas community expand throughout the Philippines fuels my determination to empower and uplift women in our society.

Breastfeeding and babywearing are causes close to my heart. I am dedicated to educating parents about breastfeeding and guiding them on safe babywearing practices to enhance the well-being of families.

Jaemie Viclar

CEO, Sierras Ph

"As the owner of Sierras Cup and a range of personal hygiene products, my journey in entrepreneurship has been profoundly empowering. It has allowed me to challenge societal taboos surrounding menstrual health and offer sustainable alternatives like menstrual cups, fostering a more eco-conscious approach to feminine hygiene.

Through Sierras Cup, I aim to inspire other women within my community by fostering a supportive environment where they feel empowered to take control of their bodies and choices. Whether through educational workshops, online resources, or leading by example, I strive to encourage women to embrace their bodies, prioritize their well-being, and pursue their passions fearlessly. Together, we're not just selling products; we are inspiring women everywhere to stand tall in their convictions and support each other on the journey to a healthier, happier future."

Kristine Clarisse Cruz-Malto

CEO, Zima Enterprises Inc.

"In 2018, as a first-time mom to a NICU baby, I was advised to practice kangaroo mother care (KMC) or skin-to-skin. It has so many benefits for preemies, that it led me to researching about babywearing. It became my advocacy. But the country does not have a lot of safe babywearing options, and a lot of parents lack education and information. That's why Zima was born - it is really the fruit of my desire to bring more babywearing choices to the country, and eventually offer great, reasonably-priced safety-tested baby carriers to the community.

Zima is first and foremost my advocacy - my way of educating people on the benefits of babywearing and debunking babywearing myths. This is also why I am very hands-on in running the business and attending to moms who ask questions or who need assistance. In that little way, I can help more mothers to discover the joys of babywearing - and keep themselves hands-free to still continue living their lives.

I hope to share my story to other moms to inspire them and tell them that it is okay to build a business around your advocacy. You need to believe in what you sell, use what you sell, and know what you sell."

Sarah Garcia

Co-owner, Real Scents PH

"Just being able to say that I was able to start , more-so sustain a business is something I take pride in. It has empowered me in such a way that it made me realize that I can carve my own path. There will always be some level of difficulty especially at the start and when venturing into new spaces but it is empowering to know that I can make it happen. I always try to compete with myself, always strive for progress not perfection and look to others for inspiration. My biggest inspiration however remains to be my family, the people (our customers and employees) whose lives I am helping as I am growing the business. It gives me purpose and empowers me to keep pushing."

Dr. Kristen Cruz-Canlas


"Empowerment for me entails creating an environment that fosters growth. And being an OB Gynecologist , each day is spent looking for growth in everything that I do. I strive to be the best in what I do, and at the same time, praying that I touch people’s lives in one way or another. 

In my profession, I deal with different women everyday. I try to inspire them by guiding them well through their pregnancy journey and showing them that we could beat post-partum depressions by helping them boost their self-esteem and shutting down the negativities."

Joan Tan

The Good Alchemist

“How has your journey as a business owner empowered you personally, and how do you inspire other women within your community?“

“ It helped me grow towards my passion of creating and innovating products catered towards the most sensitive skin.  

I believe i can empower other women by encouraging the practice of listening to one’s own skin and taking steps to care for its health, allowing them to glow inside out. “

Joan Sy

CEO, Petit Bebe

“Being a business owner has made me stronger and more confident - both in making decisions and balancing my home life. I've faced challenges and learned to lead. I encourage moms, like me, that it's possible to have a career/business while raising a family. I share my story and offer support to inspire them to chase their dreams with courage and determination, creating a powerful community of empowered women.”

Deanne Aldovino

Co-founder, Kodomo Playhouse PH

"I gave up my corporate career when it became so demanding with time and effort. I felt that I should prioritize now my child. Moreover to financially support him, I took the chance to start a small business while being a full time mom. 

Being a "mompreneur" is very challenging. But, what excites me is the feeling of fulfillment every time I help other moms with their journey. I am happy to be able to share the knowledge I have, my learnings through my own experience, get to know other moms too and show support - all without compromising my role as a parent.

I learned to become resilient and confident. I understood that women are so much capable to do many things - carry a life, raise a child, pursue a career, and the list goes on. Sometimes we just need to have people we can talk to, share our stories, and people who will understand us and validate our feelings. These may look so simple, but can inspire and uplift women / moms."

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