Pregnancy Journey: The stars have aligned and this year God has blessed me so much of Love.

Hannah Nicolas DelaPaz

"I got married early this year and a month after, I found out I was pregnant. I am 34. God is so good that he answered my prayer that I wanted to get pregnant before I turn 35 end of this year. I tried 3 kinds of PT (yes i was not contented with one) and went to 2 different OBs and had TVS at 2 different hospitals to confirm if I am legit pregnant both doctors have confirmed that I am really pregnant.

My first trimester wasn't easy. I experienced having back pains, swollen foot, always sleepy and tired and having abdominal and leg cramps. I even had to undergo a 2 week bedrest because my cervix opened. I had to take Duphaston and Duvadillan for 2 weeks until it was extended to a month. Everytime my husband and I travel local or overseas, I had to take these meds 3x a day and its really costly. I also took pre-natal vitamins and drank Anmum. I was careful about my food intake and makes sure i still have those "cheat days"

I am not a fan of oranges (Mandarin oranges to be exact) but this is what I have craved for aside from Green Mangoes and Davao Pomelo. My husband and I wanted a baby girl but whatever God would bless us, as long as the baby is healthy, strong and normal, we would wholeheartedly accept 20weeks, found out we were having a baby boy I had 2 pregnancy apps stored in my phone to see what changes I would expect for me and my baby.

Second Trimester, there were days that i'd still be absent from work for I am unwell. Experienced having several episodes of diarrhea, spotting and even had flu. Good thing I was able to save alot of VL and SL to cover up my absences. I was scared because I cannot take any meds to feel better and always would go for the natural ways to heal and recover. I was so lucky that my OB at TMC really took care of me (Dra. Gumersinda Javier) - available for any concern. She is not just an OB-Gyn but has subfields- Sonologist and Perinatologist.

Eager to see and hold my baby boy, I gave birth at 39 weeks and 4 days via CS. I was not able to make it to normal delivery as I stopped dilating at 8cm and my bag was ruptured and baby pooped too. I even joked that I took so much "pangkapit" hence baby doesnt want to go down and out. 15hours of labor was all worth it when I heard my baby cry out loud. I even asked my husband while inside the OR if he's maputi and I was relieved As soon as I got out from the OR, i was really really hungry (i even remember pulling the curtain down and removing all the stuff in me while inside the OR coz I want to stand already and EAT )

Shoutout and big thanks to 9matters for being a one stop shop for all our needs - from my personal momma needs - compression socks, binder, breast shells, mamablends choco drink to my baby Kash's needs."